Get Favicons from Any Site,in Any Size

Get Favicons makes it free, fast and easy to get high-quality favicons from any web site, in the size you want, instantly - even if that site doesn't provide an icon of its own.


Get Favicons is free for developers to use in their applications. We want to be used by as many web/mobile apps as possible.


It can take several seconds to a retrieve a domain's favicon from scratch. We do the hard work in advance, so you get a high quality PNG image in milliseconds.


Use Get Favicons directly in your image tags, like you would call any other remote image.

Examples ยป

Getting Started

Get Favicons has only one endpoint:
And only two parameters:
parameter required? example description
url yes The domain whose favicon you want to display.
size no 32 The height and width of the icon to be returned. Get Favicons will ensure all your icons are the size you requested, even if the website didn't originally have an icon of that size. The default is 32.


Wiroos icon, 32 pixels. Since wiroos only has a 16 pixel icon available, we wrap it in a matching border to give you a consistent view from one icon to the next:

Wikipedia's icon, 32 pixels, in an HTML image tag:

<img src="">

If a domain doesn't have a favicon, we create a memorable default.

With jQuery

You can also add icons by adding the "favicon" class to any <a> tag, if you use jQuery and include Get Favicons's javascript library:

<script src=""></script>
	<script src=""></script>

	<a href="" class="favicon"></a>
	<a href="" class="favicon"></a>
	<a href="" class="favicon"></a>
	<a href="" class="favicon">Copiar no es robar</a>

Pass the desired icon size to the favicon_links() function. It looks like this: